Saturday, September 10, 2016

Media Savvy & Elevating Your Voice: Writing Op-Eds & Blog Posts

Your story matters

Your story is compelling. 
You are an expert.

You can move the needle on how we frame the education conversation.

Today you will:

  1. Ask questions and interact with your colleagues to incubate ideas 
  2. Discuss strategies & best practices for opinion writing
  3. Brainstorm your passion pitches
  4. Write a pitch ... Find a blog space

My portfolio at a glance:

  • Lens Culture houses some of my Photoessay work. My Flint project is not complete yet, but there are five photo-essays included HERE:
  • Huffington Post (Open Letter to Donald Trump & Lessons about Privilege we learn from Trump) HERE:
  • M-Live - Officer Fields (South Carolina) Reminds us of our National Failures: HERE
  • M-Live - MLK Legacy Lives in Flint & Detroit as both cities Face Injustice: HERE
  • This Blog has a lot of my ideas too. The most popular topics include my writing about teacher evaluations, the role of mindfulness as an educator, symbolism and the Confederate flag and Teachers who changed my life.

  • Mind/Shift blog
  • Edutopia
  • America Achieves
  • In Colorado? Chalkbeat, Denver Post, local media

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